How can I print a receipt from my Corporate Parker Program account?



  1. Login to your online account, select “Activity”. This report will show all of your activity.
  2. Select the “Receipt” link next to the transaction you wish to print. A pop-up window will come up with your detailed transaction. If this window does not appear, double check to make sure your computer setting is set to “Allow Pop-Ups”.
  3. Select Print. If the print button does not work, please try the following options:
    • Select CTRL P on your keyboard
    • Go to the top of the web browser page and select File then Print
    • Highlight the text in the Receipt window, copy and then paste into a Word document. Select Print.
    • iv. At the top of your keyboard to the far right of the “F” keys there is a button “Print Screen”. Press this button, open a blank word document, right click on the document and select “Paste”. Select Print.

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