How do I cancel a parking redemption or view previous parking redemptions made?

First, login to your Buffalo Niagara International Airport Corporate Parker Program account and select “Activity”.


Under the View Activity box at the top, select the arrow for the drop down under “Activity”.

Highlight Parking Redemption.
Click on the Green arrow to the right of the box.

You will then be able to see a list of current and previous parking redemptions.

Parking redemptions can only be canceled or modified PRIOR to entering the parking facility for your scheduled parking redemption. Once you are parked, you cannot modify the parking redemption (i.e. add additional days).

If your parking redemption has not yet occurred and you wish to cancel it, simply select “Cancel” next to the redemption. In order to modify an existing redemption, you must first cancel the redemption and then go back to the Rewards tab to make a new parking redemption.

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