How do I redeem points for Free Parking?

First, login to your Buffalo Niagara International Airport Automated Corporate Parker Program account and select “Rewards”. Next, indicate if you plan to park in the Daily/Hourly Garage or in one of the other lots. Kindly identify your selected lot by name. Then, follow the step-by-step guide to redeem points to cover your length of stay. Note that the system will only allow your reservation in the garage/lot based on the number of points accrued to date. If you park for more days than you have points, the balance will be charged to your account. You will receive points for the cash portion of this transaction.

Upon arriving at the airport, simply enter and exit the designated lot or garage as usual with your Automated Pass in order to have the points credit applied to your account. Your credit card will not be charged for the days you have redeemed for free parking. There are no certificates to present. The transaction will be handled through the automated system.

NOTE: You must enter the parking lot you chose and entered online, on the day that you decided to redeem points or the system will not recognize your redemption. If you return later than the date selected the system will automatically charge the credit card on file for the difference.

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