How does the Frequent Parker Program work?

Members are assigned an electronic Automated Pass, which is securely linked to your credit card. Simply enter and exit through one of the designated Priority Entry/Exit lanes that have an automated reader.

*NOTE: Only selected entrance/exit lanes have automated readers. Please look for the reader to the upper left of the gate. They are white and approximately 1ft x 1ft. Do NOT pull a ticket upon entering the parking lot of your choice. The automated pass should be mounted inside your car to the upper left portion of your windshield.

The new system will calculate your time in and out and the credit card on file will be automatically charged for the appropriate parking stay. Your Automated Frequent Parker Program account is credited with points from your stay. Members are awarded 1 point per dollar spent on parking in any of the Buffalo Niagara International Airport parking lots or garage. When you are ready to redeem for FREE parking, simply login to your Frequent Parker Program account and select the day(s) and lot or garage for which you would like to redeem.

The chart below illustrates how many points are needed for one day of free parking in each lot or garage.

Lot or Garage Daily Rate Points Needed – Daily Points Needed – Weekly
Daily/Hourly Garage $23.00 250/day Weekly Rate N/A
Preferred Parking Lot $12.00 140/day 790/week
Long Term Parking Lot $10.00 110/day 550/week
Economy Parking Lot $9.00 100/day 500/week

If you would prefer to redeem your points for Delta Sonic® Rewards, simply visit and follow the online instructions. The chart below illustrates how many points are needed for the various Delta Sonic Rewards.

Delta Sonic Product Points Needed
Basic Wash 60
Deluxe Wash 80
Super Kiss 120
10 Min Interior – Car 120
10 Min Interior – Truck 140
Basic Oil Change 225
Express Service Car 270
Express Service Truck 320
Interior Detail Car 850
Exterior Detail Car 850
Interior Detail Truck 1,000
Exterior Detail Truck 1,000
Professional Detail Car 1,400
Professional Detail Truck 1,550
Showroom Detail Car 2,100
Showroom Detail Truck 2,250
Ultimate Car 2,800
Ultimate Truck 2,950

Point structure effective 03/2016. Points required for various services may change without notice.

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