Corporate Parker Program Terms and Conditions

Corporate Parker Program Terms and Conditions

Frequent Parker members can login to their account at any time to update their profile, add/change debit/credit cards, check point balances or redeem for rewards.

Frequent Parker Program points do not expire and there are no blackout dates for parking redemption.

Retro-active credit (credit for parking stays prior to the enrollment date) will not be issued to new or existing program participants.

Lost Frequent Parker Automated Passes will incur a $40.00 replacement charge. Members also have the option to have 400 points deducted from their account, instead of incurring the $40.00 charge.

An active member is defined as “a current member of the BNIA Frequent Parker Program that has some level of activity – either accumulating points for paid parking or redeeming for rewards – within the last 18 months.”

An FPP account that does not have any points accumulated, parking redemption or parking activity for 18 months will be considered inactive. An email notification will be sent to the member notifying them that if there is no account activity (points accumulated or redeemed) within 30 days, their account will be closed and any point balance forfeited. They will also be instructed as to how to return the Automated Pass. If the Automated Pass is not received back or the account is not re-activated (parking activity) within 30 days, the Automated Pass will be considered lost and the credit card on file will incur a $40.00 fee.

Buffalo Niagara International Airport reserves the right to modify, change or cancel the Buffalo Niagara International Airport Automated Frequent Parker Program at any time.

Taxicabs, Courtesy Vehicles, Limited & Public Motor Vehicles, and Motor Vehicles for Hire using the card access system are strictly prohibited from participation in the Frequent Parker Program.