Frequent Parker Program FAQ

Frequent Parker Program FAQ

The Buffalo Niagara International Airport’s Frequent Parker Program is a fully automated rewards program. Park on-site at the airport for your business and leisure trips and receive: points for FREE parking and other exciting rewards plus priority entry and exit lanes that minimize your wait time. For additional information on the Frequent Parker Program call 877-735-9280.
No, membership is free and there is no charge for the initial automated pass. However, if your tag is lost or stolen there is a $40 replacement fee. This fee will be assessed to your credit card on file. A replacement pass will then be mailed to you.
Any individual that parks on site at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport can join the Frequent Parker Program. Membership is FREE. The more you park on site at the Airport, the more points you will accrue to use for free parking or other exciting rewards.
Members are assigned an electronic Automated Pass, which is securely linked to your credit card. Simply enter and exit through one of the designated Priority Entry/Exit lanes that have an automated reader. *NOTE: Only selected entrance/exit lanes have automated readers. Please look for the reader to the upper left of the gate. They are white and approximately 1ft x 1ft. Do NOT pull a ticket upon entering the parking lot of your choice. The automated pass should be mounted inside your car to the upper left portion of your windshield. The new system will calculate your time in and out and the credit card on file will be automatically charged for the appropriate parking stay. Your Automated Frequent Parker Program account is credited with points from your stay. Members are awarded 1 point per dollar spent on parking in any of the Buffalo Niagara International Airport parking lots or garage. When you are ready to redeem for FREE parking, simply login to your Frequent Parker Program account and select the day(s) and lot or garage for which you would like to redeem. The chart below illustrates how many points are needed for one day of free parking in each lot or garage.
Lot or Garage Daily Rate Points Needed – Daily Points Needed – Weekly
Daily/Hourly Garage $23.00 250/day Weekly Rate N/A
Preferred Parking Lot $12.00 140/day 790/week
Long Term Parking Lot $10.00 110/day 550/week
Economy Parking Lot $9.00 100/day 500/week
If you would prefer to redeem your points for Delta Sonic® Rewards, simply visit and follow the online instructions. The chart below illustrates how many points are needed for the various Delta Sonic Rewards.
Delta Sonic Product Points Needed
Basic Wash 70
Deluxe Wash 95
Super Kiss 135
Basic Oil Change 250
Express Service Car 300
Express Service Truck 350
Interior Detail Car 1,050
Exterior Detail Car 1,200
Interior Detail Truck 1,200
Exterior Detail Truck 1,200
Professional Detail Car 1,600
Professional Detail Truck 1,750
Showroom Detail Car 2,100
Showroom Detail Truck 2,250
Ultimate Car 2,800
Ultimate Truck 2,950
Point structure effective 03/2016. Points required for various services may change without notice.
You must enroll online. You will be mailed a free Buffalo Niagara International Airport Automated Frequent Parker Program Automated Pass in 5 to 7 days.
Unfortunately, no. The Buffalo Niagara International Airport Automated Frequent Parker Program is set up so that points can only be accumulated from the day a member receives their Frequent Parker Program Automated Pass. The points you accrue will be tied specifically to your registered account. No retroactive points will be given.
Unfortunately, no. The deadline to transition with your points has passed (deadline was February 28, 2014). You can still transition into the new online account program with your current pass but your point balance will be started at zero.
Points are awarded based on the total of the receipt AFTER tax.
First, login to your Buffalo Niagara International Airport Automated Frequent Parker Program account and select “Rewards”. Next, indicate if you plan to park in the Daily/Hourly Garage or in one of the other lots. Kindly identify your selected lot by name. Then, follow the step-by-step guide to redeem points to cover your length of stay. Note that the system will only allow your reservation in the garage/lot based on the number of points accrued to date. If you park for more days than you have points, the balance will be charged to your account. You will receive points for the cash portion of this transaction.

Frequent Parker Program Rewards points will not be earned on days when free parking redemptions are used. Points are only earned on days of paid parking.

Free parking redemption does not reserve a space in any of the airport’s on-site parking lots. If you arrive and your chosen lot is full, you must park in an alternate lot and full payment will still be required. In this case, please contact the Buffalo Niagara International Airport Automated Frequent Parker Program Administration office to have the points you planned to use for this stay returned to your account for use at a future date. The FPP administration office can be reached at 1-877-735-9280 or
Please follow the steps below to redeem for a Delta Sonic Certificate
  1. Login to your account at
  2. Select “REWARDS” from the navigation bar at the top
  3. Confirm the number of points available for redemption
  4. Click on the Delta Sonic link to the right
  5. You will see a menu of options as outlined in the chart from which to choose. Simply select the item(s) that you wish to receive and proceed to the check out form supplying your name, contact information, and mailing address.

The Frequent Parker Program Administration office will then receive a confirmation of your order, verify that there are enough points in your account, and if so, deduct the appropriate amount of points from your online account and fulfill your order as requested by mailing the rewards certificate(s) via US mail to the address you entered in the system.

NOTE: Please be sure to login to your account to verify your point balance before redeeming for Delta Sonic Rewards. If you redeem for an item(s) that you do not have enough points for, the Frequent Parker Program Administration office will contact you to rectify the order.
If you have forgotten your username and need it sent to you, simply send an email to with your request and your name. Please note that the username is upper and lowercase sensitive. This means that whatever case you use when signing in for the program is the case you must use each time you sign in to your account.
If you are unable to login to your account due to a forgotten user name or password, please try the following:
  1. User name error – note that usernames are case sensitive. If you are still unsuccessful, email with your request and first and last name and a representative will email you with the correct username on file.
  2. Password – Passwords are also case sensitive. If you have forgotten your password, use the “Forgot Password” function on the login screen to have it emailed to you. Your password will be reset to a computer generated code that you will be able to use to login. Once you have logged-in to your account, you can reset your password.
  3. If you are still having trouble logging in using the correct username and a new computer generated password, close out of the page and enter the login page through (do not use a bookmark to re-access the page). By doing this you will clear out any extra characters that may have been put into the login fields. These are extra characters (like spaces) that happen from copying and pasting and that we can’t always see but the computer recognizes. You can also put your cursor in the username or password fields and hit the delete button a few times to make sure it has been completely cleared.
No. The Buffalo Niagara International Airport Automated Frequent Parker Program automated passes are non-transferable and are for each member’s sole use. Family members must each sign up individually for their own account.
Parking coupons cannot be used in conjunction with the Automated Pass.
First, check to make sure that the credit card on file with your Frequent Parker account has not expired. Or, occasionally there may be an equipment malfunction. Contact the Buffalo Niagara International Airport’s Automated Frequent Parker Program Administration office at 1-877-735-9280 or to ensure your account is updated with correct information and properly activated.

Should your pass not work as you enter the parking lot, you will need to pull a ticket and pay for this parking stay when exiting the lot. To receive points for this transaction you will need to advise the cashier that you are a Frequent Parker Program participant and that your pass did not work. Ask that he/she process the appropriate form for you so your account receives the appropriate number of points for this designated expenditure.
If your credit card has expired, if you want to enter a different credit card or incorrect information was provided, your Automated Pass will not be recognized when you try to enter a parking lot. To update your information such as a credit card, name, address or car make/model, please visit and login to your account. After your information has been updated and you click “Save,” your account information will be changed immediately in the system and your Automated Pass will be reactivated.

Note: It is a good idea to periodically check your account information to be sure it is correct. This will eliminate any issue when you enter or exit an airport parking lot.
  1. Login to your online account, select “Activity”. This report will show all of your activity.
  2. Select the “Receipt” link next to the transaction you wish to print. A pop-up window will come up with your detailed transaction. If this window does not appear, double check to make sure your computer setting is set to “Allow Pop-Ups.”
  3. Select Print
If the print button does not work, please try the following options:

  1. Select CTRL P on your keyboard
  2. Go to the top of the web browser page and select File then Print
  3. Highlight the text in the Receipt window, copy and then paste into a Word document. Select Print.
  4. At the top of your keyboard to the far right of the “F” keys there is a button “Print Screen”. Press this button, open a blank word document, right click on the document and select “Paste”. Select Print.

Still have a Frequent Parker Program question?

Contact us at or call 1-877-735-9280 (between the hours of 8am-5pm EST, Monday – Friday).